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Shael Wrinch plays many instruments including  guitars, mandolin, keyboards, drums and harmonica.   As a producer, he has the gift of taking the seed of an artist's musical concept, and helping to work it into a finished piece that enhances the original idea.  For many years Shaels' "Beatty Lane" studios in Vancouver garnered the respect and loyalty of many west coast artists.  When he built his house on Bowen Island, B.C., he designed it with his new studio in mind.  "Stone Hill" studios is the home of the Tequila Monday project, and  many other artist's music  is produced here, and will also be featured on this site, as well as much  of Shael's solo work.

ChrisHerbsen2 (3).jpg

Chris Herbsen was born and raised in Toronto.  He got his first guitar when he was eight, and immediately began composing.  He studied classical guitar at Toronto's Conservatory of Music, on one of Jean Larrivees' first Spanish-style guitars. His original music is influenced by classical technique, as well as jazz, rock and folk.  A Gibson Les Paul, a new Larrivee and a few bands later, Chris drove to the west coast, finding a community of fine musicians in Vancouver and, eventually, Bowen Island.  The Tequila Monday project has become a chance to collaborate on a large collection of original music with Shael.   

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